Bub Speedtrails 2012 Gallery

Posted on 22-09-2012

Mission completed....

Our homebuild knuckles went like a rocket, pulling strong and fast - the best thing about T101....... it went whitout any problems "WHAT SO EVER" and of course that warmed our hearts.

We set a record in an open class, by 150,6 mph. and we are proud about the speed wich gave us a lot of respect at Bonneville.


A big thanks to our families...... for their big hearts and undestanding....how important the project was for us. The room they gave us will be payed back with interest   :-)  LOVE YA......

Big thanks to our sponsors for beliveing in us, you are the reason this project came true.

From our heart THANX................


Broken heads 10 days before the bikes left Denmark, problems with the cam gave us a major set back, so we had to put everything in safe mode, and since we know the two knuckles can run faster, we plan to go faster in 2014..


The Hammer was created in the last minut, so the course of the bike was not well prepaired in 2 years like the T101, but the Hammer did prove a lot of power, so with more trim and care put in the right class the Hammer will strike again in 2014..

The Hammer went 127 mph. and that gave a lot of   "God damm a fast knuckle"


Salt Regards from

Tom & John