What is life without dreams? Dreams need time to grow. Some dreams will only come true, "if you win the lottery".  Other dreams must come true, and as any long journey, it starts with the first step and this is were we are right now. We have both been on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah USA and have got     "The salt fever"

To be a part of the Bonneville history would be great!
For us, the solution was just to the right leg - to drive an old Harley Davidson Knucklehead.

Johns "knuckle" a 1690cc from 1937and Toms "knuckle" a 1350 cc from 1941.

We will ride with pride and want to show the Danish flag. If we shall compeat with the Americans in their own backyard, it requires that we build an extremely potent motorcycle (then your might think, "aint that expensive")

Yeaaar you're right!!

But this is where you can help us with your goodwill and sponsorship.


I am 49 years old born in north Denmark, I've got to boys age 10 and 18 and a nitn_PB240216.JPGce girl friend.

I am educatet cook and bricklayer. Building houses is what I am doing for a living now.

I have been riding knucklehead for 25 years now, building and rebuilding with great joy.

In the going fast proces I have friends in the high class of knucklehead racing, Magnus Romeborn builder off the legandery evil mother (155hp) and Bjørn Eriksson owner of Evil mother, who is cnc doing aluminium knuckleheads for dragrace. www.evilmother.com

At the picture: Bjørn Eriksson (Evil mother)......Tom Jørgensen


Bonneville is a dream that startet more than 15 years ago, a friend from Norway Gard Solberg did the drawings off my salt racer.




In 2010 I was at Bub speedtrails at the Salt Flats, I was lucky to be invited to the Danish Vincent Viking team, and it was great to be in the middle of something so big as setting a world record.


At the picture: World champion Kurt Carlson Vincent viking....



Lars from Denmark on his 600 ccm Indian with a blower  was on Bonneville too and I helped him with a couple of things when he needed it.

I am learning, if you want to build the perfect Bonneville racer you need a lot of people with know how and how important it is to tell about the project to get help and sponsor support.     tn_P8290131.JPG

We are still in the early state off exposing our self. Because the bike is in exploded view, but there will be pictures on our blog as we build along.

At the picture: Lars Nielsen & Tom.....



I am 48 years old and married to Ann for about 25 years this summer, I got two children a 24 year old boy and a  21 year old girl. This winter a new biker was born my grandson Jack.

I am a trained car mechanic, but has bin working as a blacksmith for the past many years.  I am the owner off project knucklehead number two, my Bonneville racer is build by Jens Nygaard a Bike Line dealer in North off Denmark.  www.nmc-cycles.com

My racer  is a 103 cui S&S engine with flathead power heads. The bike is build for classic drag race and street race, and that is the one i am gonna race at the Salt Flats.


We are in contact with other Scandinavian Knucklehead drivers, who are interested in Salt Racing,  we hope they will come along with us to Bonneville in 2012.

At the picture: John P46.......