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Bub Speedtrails 2012 Gallery

Posted on 22-09-2012

Mission completed....

Our homebuild knuckles went like a rocket, pulling strong and fast - the best thing about T101....... it went whitout any problems "WHAT SO EVER" and of course that warmed our hearts.

We set a record in an open class, by 150,6 mph. and we are proud about the speed wich gave us a lot of respect at Bonneville.


A big thanks to our families...... for their big hearts and important the project was for us. The room they gave us will be payed back with interest   :-)  LOVE YA......

Big thanks to our sponsors for beliveing in us, you are the reason this project came true.

From our heart THANX................


Broken heads 10 days before the bikes left Denmark, problems with the cam gave us a major set back, so we had to put everything in safe mode, and since we know the two knuckles can run faster, we plan to go faster in 2014..


The Hammer was created in the last minut, so the course of the bike was not well prepaired in 2 years like the T101, but the Hammer did prove a lot of power, so with more trim and care put in the right class the Hammer will strike again in 2014..

The Hammer went 127 mph. and that gave a lot of   "God damm a fast knuckle"


Salt Regards from

Tom & John

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Posted on 02-09-2012

See the W&W home page they have the right stuff for your Harley.....

The home of the good stuff..




They also made a really cool report and picture serie with our Bonneville salt flat project, se it on there home page We thank them for all the great work they have done for us back home and over here. Thomas the man where a really big help for us at the race track and all.....

Here you can listen to 4 days of racing speaks from live from the tower at Bub speedtrails 2012.....

cool to listen to when your in the garage...............

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Last day at Bonneville racing the Hammer

Posted on 02-09-2012

Becaurse the lack of time we had to build the Hammer in only 4 days motor wiring, painting, front wheel so it was a close race, and first opstart was in Reno Nevada. The Hammer was running strong and loud and people just love this bike......Lot of pit talk and photos.....


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Last day off racing

Posted on 01-09-2012

We started up early in the cool air, the motor liked that. First run was 149,9 mph. so went to inpound to get the motor and tank sealed before te return run. The wind was perfekt a little tail wind so T101 did 151,68 mph. so the new record is 150,8 mph. so it is fantastic to beat the 150 mph.



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Timing slips for the day

Posted on 29-08-2012

Bikes was running just great to day.




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Entering the Slat Flats

Posted on 27-08-2012

On the Salt Flats.....



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Posted on 23-08-2012

Finally we reached Reno where our freind Kurt is living, he had prepared a fine workshop for us at his company Cavist, sack is the guy on the forklift, he is very friendly and helps us with many things , we thought we had tools and most things with us...... but always something missing.....




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Shipping out the boys

Posted on 22-08-2012

Happy and ready to fly out..........


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Shipping out the saltracers

Posted on 19-08-2012

The two fine boxes sponcered by Kvissel tømmersjak arrived, only one thing left ADD. racers.



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Set back

Posted on 01-08-2012

Running dyna at 5000rmp. the three small bracket ear on the rear head broke why we dont now yet.

We went head hunting for other heads and killed a knucklehead called Grumme, ripped of the heads and started drilling for injection, its now all mounted up and we are ready for new dyna test thursday.



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Finishing up the gas/oil tank

Posted on 28-07-2012

The mustang tank is now split in two parts  one oil, one gas and welded together to one piece again. Our freind Søren painted the tank and rear fender blue just over the night.... Big thanks to Søren...



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Start up with blower and injection

Posted on 22-07-2012



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Mounting up connections for the blower

Posted on 15-07-2012

After the start up with carb. we started to mount. the connections for the inter cooler and  Rotrex blower.

We also mount. different sensors on the bike, one temp. sensor in the oil tank and one in the intake.  Sensor for ignition and fuel injection.....











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First opstart

Posted on 11-07-2012




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Avon high speed tire

Posted on 10-07-2012



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Posted on 09-07-2012

Cybock T101 is now a roll'r.

Engine is ready for start up with carburator and no blow, the plan is to the test low tech way first then mounting blower injection and the brain.....


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Head job for high lift

Posted on 08-07-2012

To make room for the springs we had to remove material from the top and button of the valve guide..


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How to install TJ5 blower cam.

Posted on 23-06-2012

How we installed the Leineweber cam.....




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Ready for paint ------ Back in black

Posted on 21-06-2012


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Blower, pegs and brake line up

Posted on 12-06-2012

The last couple of days we have bin using on making the drive for the blower and lining it. we also make brackets for the gear shifter,brakes and pegs.





See more.......





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Posted on 09-06-2012

We have bin looking forward to this moment, our special Leineweber blower cam arrived and looking evil.

The cam and the engine is now at Peters Vorkshop to make room for the cam, and the right compression for the engine......




Se more......





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Iron Horse

Posted on 17-05-2012

We took a trip to Orsa Sweden and met some really nice guys from Iron Horse Mc, when they heard about our project, they made a quick collection among members to support our project. we say thanks to Iron Horse Mc for that ............

Meet them June 30 in Nykøpings Hamn Sweden..

See more



















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Garage meeting with some salt

Posted on 17-05-2012

Garage meet with some salt, we called it.

Big thanks to all interested and thanks for the many sponsorships in the form of T-shirts & more. We earned $ 450 that day ....GREAT..... nice to see that so many had found their way to the workshop and that many had great interest in our project.

we served beer, coffee, hot dogs and salt crackers....and we had a great day, again thanks to all.


More pictures...



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Garage meet

Posted on 05-05-2012

Pictures from a freinds garage meet.......really cool garage whit a lot og off cool stuff.


Read more.....



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Mustang cut up..

Posted on 04-05-2012

The old knucklehead is running out off space for all the technical equipment we need room for, so we will do our mustang tank so it includes both gas and oil. There after we will use the oil tank to our technique gas pump, pressure regulator, megasquirt ....


Read more......



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Making the Heads ready for injection

Posted on 24-04-2012

Kurt the "milkman" is drilling the holes for the adapters we made for the injectors.


Read more....


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Fitting rear wheel and tranny

Posted on 15-04-2012

Today we have mounted bearings and spocket at the hub, and we lined the chaine and belt so now ready to weld the formed aluminums slice in to to the prime side.


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Posted on 07-04-2012

When my Bonneville partner became 50, I want to give him something special, something you cant' buy in a store, so made him this wall time slip ...... It's all made of wood and small pieces of metal and painted.  Friis the man did some pinstriping on it as well. I think it became very cool..... and Tom looked like a happy man when he opened...


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Pinstriping a mirror

Posted on 02-04-2012


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Cut the head tube

Posted on 02-04-2012

we cut the head tube up and changed the angle 5 degrees for better stability.


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Megasquirt simulator

Posted on 01-04-2012

Wednesday evening, we tested the brain, we got contact with a guy named Kim, he have previously worked with megssquirt, and he had a little simulator which we switched on to the box. Now we could see the engine run on the computer ...... . we hope it goes just as easy ..... when the reel engine has to boot ........

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Fitting 5 speed tranny in 4 speed frame

Posted on 21-03-2012

Makes aluminum guide ring for engine side which will later be welded into the soft tail primary to stabalisere engine and gearbox....


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Posted on 16-03-2012

Pictures from Peters workshop.....


Read more....


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On the rolling wheel

Posted on 16-03-2012

The bike is ready to do the test......


We were the first to be in Peter's new testing room, after he got this perfect and very impressive new workshop ...... everything worked perfectly ..........



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Dyna test Knuckle nr.2

Posted on 26-02-2012

We have started to work on the engine of Knucklehead  nr.2.......But before we disassembling it, we decided to run some dyna test before we took the engine out of the frame..






Read more..........



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Engine pickup at Bike Line

Posted on 22-02-2012

We went to sweden to pickup our engine, Bike Line have done a fine job they changes the rods, balance the flywheel and put it all together. The special leineweber blower cam has not arrived yet so Bike Line could not finish the case.




(Read more....)





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Løkken strand

Posted on 11-02-2012

Tree Knucks on Løkken Beach.....tn_P4668.JPG






(See more)........

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Conan swap meet 2012

Posted on 11-02-2012


As usual, we went  to the Conan Swap Meet again this year.
We looked into Begalos on the trip up there, and had some _ pleasant hours in the workshop.

The Swap Meet started at 10 am, and there were a lot of good stuff _ and a lot of people.
At the party in Hydra clubhouse, we were allowed to put up our little salt business. We managed to sell  some t-shirts and jackets, and thank Hydra for that........

(Read more)......... More pictures in the gallery........

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Quality Inn Stateline

Posted on 07-02-2012

We have now made our reservation for Bub speedtrails 2012.

We will be staying at Quality Inn Stateline from 24 august to 1 September........











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Knuckleheads by W&W

Posted on 30-01-2012

W&W rocks............

These nice fladhed power heads where sponcered by the cool dudes from W&W......


(Read more)...............









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Bonneville Salt Flats

Posted on 18-01-2012

Next time we will get a faster car.........:-)


(See more......)



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Engine case

Posted on 16-01-2012

On the left crank case the little edge has been removed, so we easily can customize our own plate between engine and gear box........

(Read more...........)


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Workshop making plans

Posted on 10-01-2012

Today we have been in the workshop and work with engine and fuel injection.

(Read more......)



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Hotrod T23

Posted on 09-01-2012

One off our freinds have this fine hotrod build on a volvo chassis........


Read more...........










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On the beach..

Posted on 07-01-2012

The first day after chrismas the weather was good, Tom kicks his old knucklehead and went to the beach, the closest we wil come to the salt flats......



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Posted on 05-01-2012

A bit late but here are our Christmas greetings.......Ubeslutsom




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Bike Line Malmø

Posted on 18-12-2011

image001.jpgThe crank case is spinning.....

We decided to remove the outer edge to create a stronger connection between the engine and the gear box.......

(Read more)...








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Our brand new crank case arrived.....

Posted on 18-12-2011

The best Christmas present you could dream of, our crank case finally arrived ...


(Read more)....tn_IMG_0642.JPG









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E-mail problems

Posted on 13-12-2011

tn_PC190005.JPG SHIT...............SHIT....  :-(


We just discovered that our e-mail stopped working for a while ago, how long we do not know. So if anyone out there should have written an E-mail to us and not received a reply...... please write again..............Now it should work again ....

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Rotrex compressor

Posted on 07-12-2011

Rotrex Compressor C 15-60....

(Read more...)









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Megasquirt 1,0

Posted on 07-12-2011

The brain arrived......

(Read more...)








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Posted on 19-11-2011

tn_P7030043.JPGWlc with home grown dashboards and covers...





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Gone hunting

Posted on 17-11-2011

tn_IMG_0130.JPGThis is how the good life is..........











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Bonneville pit in Copenhagen

Posted on 10-11-2011

Our plan was to make a "look a like" Bonneville pit stand. We did make a banner with salt mountain and a blue sky horizon.                                                                                                               Burt Munro was on the tv to get the real race feeling......



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Scandinavian Costum show

Posted on 09-11-2011

Our friend Jesper Stand exhibited his 48 panhead at Scandinavian Custom Show and he won the old school class........and people's choice..........


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Before Scandinavian costum show

Posted on 08-11-2011

Metting before Scandinavian Costum show.....


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Cutting up the frame

Posted on 19-10-2011

We were surprised to see how much material there was in this old frame...........9/64 inch woow...


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Working at the rear end of the frame

Posted on 18-10-2011

One evening we where working at the frame a fellow knuckle boddy came by for inspection......



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Making plans for the frame

Posted on 09-10-2011

Thursday evning we startet to make som plans for the frame, and how we will make it 2 inch longer at the rear and lower it down to 2 inch clearance under. We will also change the angle head tube for better stability.....



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Well well well holiday is over....

Posted on 06-10-2011


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Nice kitchen wall

Posted on 15-09-2011


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Stockholm chopper

Posted on 15-09-2011


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More new spareparts arrived to day

Posted on 15-09-2011

Plan for the salt racer....

Now we have collected the most of the engine parts, and we have a plan for the engine. It will be a new S&S button with leineweber speciel made 5# cam. for blower. We also gonna have a pegasus injection  blown by a rotrex compressor.

The frame will be a panhead wishbone racket and the rear strechet..........and the fork will be a early sporster......


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New spareparts

Posted on 28-08-2011


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Beer meeting with Thomas from W&W

Posted on 24-08-2011

Special delervery from Sweden, W&W came by with nice motorparts to our Bonneville project.










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Problems with the clutch at WLC ..

Posted on 02-08-2011

We have done some work on the WLC and was out and test driving when I lost the clutch at the lands end...The problem was this small disc which was bent, and the pushrod clutch shaft whit a bearing in the end was brocken.....


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where was he going ?

Posted on 01-08-2011



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Even up in Greenland

Posted on 01-08-2011

We received these pictures from a good friend who sail around Greenland, and he will only drink coffee from his Bonneville cup....:-)IMG_0840_resize.JPG

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Panhead 911

Posted on 22-07-2011

Bengalos came to Denmark in week 29 and called 911....



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Saturday fun in the workshop ...

Posted on 17-07-2011

Fun day in the workshop, we screw a little bike having fun eating drinking things like that....



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Posted on 14-07-2011

We have now decided what type of fork we need on our race project.   tn_P6280045.JPG
It will be an early Sportster fork and we will begin renovation this weekend.

We have also blasted the frame and we are ready to begin to modify it ...

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Salt racer

Posted on 05-07-2011

Now the plan is clear, we are gonna race the salt with a compressor loaded knuckle.

The choise of compressor will be reveal later...


Anyone can race an antique..........Takes a real man to blow one up...

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Wheels and harmoni

Posted on 29-06-2011

We went to Oslo and found Arne at his sommer place, the wheels tn_P6070025.JPG

was ready for race and pick-up.

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Sponsor from Norway

Posted on 29-06-2011

In the weekend we where visiting Norway and meet tn_P6080072.JPG

Jone Dale from Sandnes area, we thank him for his hospitality.

A special thank for the starter he sponsored to our Bonneville salt flat racing project.

God luck with your drag project...

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Cool garage scenes

Posted on 20-06-2011


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motor accident

Posted on 30-05-2011


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Posted on 30-05-2011


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Old school meet

Posted on 22-05-2011

Old school meet at Paul Hatmanns place Ulve grill and cafe saturday 21 may 2011....


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Blog problems

Posted on 20-05-2011

Blog problems resolved..........



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Twin engine knucklehead dragstar

Posted on 04-04-2011

Robert Bud Schmitt, now 81 years old, built and rode THE MONSTER a two engine Harley Davidson motorcycle which ran at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1955.

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Posted on 04-04-2011


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Salt wheels

Posted on 04-04-2011

We have just recived these pictures of our salt wheels as Custom Service in Oslo is renovating..



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Blog problems

Posted on 04-04-2011


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Working in garage

Posted on 03-04-2011

Some cool pictures from Toms workshop..



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Route 46

Posted on 16-03-2011


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Pearls on a string

Posted on 11-03-2011

Pearls on a string..



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Posted on 08-03-2011

How to repair a broken knuckle-head.........


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Danish vincent viking team

Posted on 05-03-2011


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Posted on 01-03-2011


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Peters workshop

Posted on 24-02-2011


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Conan swap meet 2011

Posted on 08-02-2011


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Evil mother

Posted on 03-02-2011


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